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Although doctors or people who suffer from this condition have not found an authoritative, guaranteed cure that will eliminate this problem forever. I have found articles (mostly from curezone), where people who once suffered like you and me found a diet or method that worked for them. Some of these people dare to say that they have been completely alleviated  of their body odor, which is a good thing for everybody because they might have the knowledge of the possible remedy for everyone. However, what works for some people will not work for others, everybody's body is different and are conditions for exuding a foul stench maybe different as well. Nevertheless, I'm going to put up any links that I find on the web that have a probable remedy for our incomprehensible  body odor

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Remedy for fecal odor that is coming from anus

  1. Strong fecal odor coming from anus
  2. I think I found the solution to my problem
  3.  Pressure on Anus
  4. Progress
  5. Fecal Odor(From Anus) Cured with Flax Seed Oil
  6.  Missing my BO? Iodine?
  7. Not cured but much better
  8. Hey everybody try this I feel it is helping!

    Remedies for fecal body odor

    1. This guy supposedly cured fecal odor
    2. how I cured my fecal/body odor
    3. YESCUREME!! How did you cure your fecal odor
    4. fecal body odor! salvation has arrived
    5. try a tsp of baking soda
    6. Eliminating or radically reducing fecal body odor
    7. I've had some success
    8. Personal experience with fecal odor
    9. I think it's gone!!
    10. An outline for a diet you should try
    11. Some help for fecal body odor
    12. Fecal Body Odor "Real Cure" not mentioned here
    13. Important Body: Fecal Odor
    14. cure for unexplained fecal body odor
    15. Sometimes the unthinkable and unpopularn answer is the best one
    16. REOccured Body Odor
    17. l glutamine for fecal body odor
    18. My 5 years of fecal odor ... its all gone 
    19. body odor gone!!! 
    20. 4 years of smelling like poo is gone 
    21. how i cured fecal/body odor 
    22. Hi all  
    23. serotonin cure for fecal odor 
    24. I'm cured! 
    25. ok guys update on my condition/cure
    26. Fecal Odor (From Anus) Cured with Flax Seed Oil
    27. my Fecal odor cured!
    28. this should work for everyone!! seriously
    29. Missing my BO? Iodine?
    30. Body odor
    31. chlorophyll and oxypowder
    32. Fennel seeds, wind incontinence, faecal odor
    33. ODOR CLEANSE(Champex) mushroom extract
    34. Fecal Body Odor treatment and maybe cure!
    35. This should work for everyone!! Seriously
    36. Fecal Body Odor Break Through - You Should Read It
    37. I'm 100% cured of fecal odour/leaky gas
    38. great results
    39. UK faecal stomach odour suffers-treatment
    40. FBO Status

      Remedies for underarm odor

      1. Found the cure for me
      2. 100% cure for underarm odor
      3. Changing deodarant helped odor!
      4. Body odor- my solution
      5. Re: Body odor- my solution
      6. Under Arm or anywhere/cure
      7. Wash Pits With ACV
      8. my two cents
      9. baking soda works!!! 
      10. About underarm deodorants & chloropyhll 
      11. I think its gone :) 
      12. very good underarm and foot deodorant 
      13. Re: help please 
      14. hey you guys with underarm odor, try this!
      15. If it helps
      16. Re: Armpit BO help
      17. Missing my BO? Iodine?
      18. The Best and Most Natural Deodorant
      19. Electorlysis greatly improved my underarm odor
      20. No more underarm BO
      21. Re: champex

      Remedies for other abnormal  body odor

      1. stop eating meat + no more body odor
      2. try taking zinc supplements for BO
      3. Sun Chlorella
      4. i found the cure
      5. body odor solution
      6. Zinc Pills Cure Body Odor
      7. i found the cure..
      8. detox bath
      9. Re:cured my BO
      10. Liquid Chlorofresh help for body odor
      11. I give up
      12. No body odour today!
      13. Body Odor
      14. Body Odor Causes
      15. Please read, this is important!!!
      16. Re: Has anyone had any success with zinc?
      17. Body Odor, something to do with watch you EAT
      18. A typicla food/treatment day for me
      19. Cure for Body and Breath Odor, Please, Read
      20. Baking soda and vinegar
      21. Good way to reduce BO
      22. Food does trigger body odor
      23. Keeps your head up Young people!
      24. Wheatgrass and Wheatgrass Juice as deodorizer
      25. Probiotics
      26. Re: apple cider vinegar for body odor? 
      27. Body odor gone! 
      28. Body Odor on Primetime ABC 
      29. Some Things that have helped me with BO 
      30. Time to get you stinkers lives back...i promise 
      31. Re: I rather be an UGLY DUCKLING than stinky
      32. try it, i swear it works
      33. This may be it. Try this if you have been overwhelmed by this affliction
      34. I finally got rid of B.O, this is how I made it
      35. I've been through all of this and I think I can help
      36. Baking soda and lemon bath
      37. Not Eating Enough
      38. ODOR CLEANSE(Champex)mushroom extract
      39. Body odor and foot detox pads
      40.  Charcoal
      41.  A possible treatment
      42.  Bodymint
      43. not a cure but...
      44. The obvious cure. Hear me out
      45. try it, i swear it works
      46. Baking soda and lemon bath
      47. week 6 on Lugol's... breakthrough
      48. Testimonial, please read!!
      49. Re:Q re supplements...please mpdela
      50. Here's how I cured my nasty odor
      51. lugols enema
      52. FBO Status
      53. finally a cure from bad body odor must read now!!!
      54. Finally cured
      55. Fairly positive results
      56. finally a cure for bad body odor must read now!!!
      57. Bad Breath? Body Odor? Gone!

      Remedies for bad breath

      1. Solution for BAD BREATH!!!
      2. READ: Colon Cleanse is the Cure
      3. Yes COLON CLEANSE has helped my bad breath
      4. Update on Bad Breath " Vanmel"
      5. BLIS K12 works for me
      6. green tea
      7. What causes bad breath and how can I get rid of it
      8. Zinc for bad breath
      10. Pepto Bismol 4 Tbsp
      11. GSE for bad breath
      12. The bad breath cure
      14. ZINC does help BB
      15. Yogurt may chase away bad breath
      16. my story thus far..
      17. H2O2 worked for me!!
      18. Carbamide Peroxide worked for me!
      19. Bad Breath Cure
      20. any suggestions?
      21. My BB Food Issues
      22. bad breath cure for me
      23. Natural Remedy
      24. don't give up hope
      25. Time to get tough on BB people!
      26. Cured my BB  
      27. bros bad breath cured!!! 
      28. Re: Bad breath - please help 
      29. Yeast overgrowth may be the culprit 
      30. FAO Seakrut 
      31. Acai Juice
      32. BB possible help?
      33. Bad Breath and My Story
      34. Good News! for bb sufferers
      35. Shingler--Try this instead
      36. Post Nasal Drip sufferers I found a remedy
      37. it worked for me too!
      38. This may be it. Try this if you have been overwhelmed by this odour affliction
      39. Therabreath for bad breath
      40.  Simple truth
      41. Help for BB!
      42. ODOR CLEANSE(Champex)
      43. Im smell free
      44. Re: champex
      45. Bad Breath? Body Odor? Gone!

        Remedies for foot odor 
        1. It worked for me!
        2. Kitchen Cosmetics 
        3. Re: I have a strange feet odor, help
        4. very good underarm and foot deodorant
        5. Its realy amazing. The solution against foot odor is Pedisolix. 1 application lasting up to 140 days.
        6. Re:champex
        7. foot odor treatment that works!

            Remedies for vaginal odor

            1. NO MORE Vaginal ODOR with Grapefruit seed ext
            2. salt crystal deodarants for "feminine odor"

              Interesting stories on  body odor and some solutions

              1. Fecal Body Odor Causes and Possible Cure
              2. i've found my solution!
              3. (A very interesting read)
              4. Most people with b.o or bad breath
              5. A very possible reason for your "smell" in your small intestine
              6. mercury poisoning causes bad breath and body odor
              7. When the student is ready the teacher appears
              8. My theory for my fecal Body odour
              9. My trick to detect my Body Odor
              10. my theory and possible solutions
              11.  Unveiling fecal odor treatment and cause
              12. Digestive Enzymes
              13. Interesting observation
              14. Fibersense from South America
              15. the obvious cure. hear me out
              16. Fecal Body Odor Causes and Possible Cure
              17. to all those who think they smell, especially the fecal odor please read
              18. Charcoal & chlorophyll may not take away BO without cleansing first
              19. Fecal breath, fecal body odor, and activated charcoal
              20. Fecal Body Odor Causes and Possible Cure

                Here is a free E book  that I've found on the web

                Here is an E book for bad breath