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Can constipation cause body odor?

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                       What is constipation and what are the causes?

Constipation is when you lack the ability of having 2-3 bowel movements a week. Or it's  when you make a bowel movement, 25% of the time, you have to strain, you defecate hard stools, or have incomplete evacuations. It's considered healthy to make 1-3 bowel movements daily so striving for that type of regularity should be your goal if you suffer from it. Constipation is not necessarily a dangerous disorder; however,  leaving constipation untreated can cause discomforting symptoms like  abdominal pain, swollen abdomen, vomiting,  skin problems, hemorrhoids, infrequent bowel movements, bad breath,  and of course body odor. There are many reasons why some people become constipated, the common causes of constipation are a lack of fiber, inadequate  fluid intake, little to no exercise, over-consumption of dairy products, and preventing yourself from making bowel movements. But for some people who have constipation, this problem may be caused by diseases and disorders like hypothyroidism, hemorrhoids, colon cancer, neurological conditions( like Parkinson's disease), metabolic disorder, and a host of other disorders

              Here is good diagram that shows what it looks like when your are continually constipated

                                  Can constipation cause BO?

Yes, constipation can cause BO. Think about it, the most efficient way to eliminate toxins from your  body is through emptying your bowels. If this process of elimination gets slowed down or gets clogged up in the colon . The result of this will cause a number of problems like a polluted environment in the colon, the neutralization of the beneficial bacteria in your gut, and constant inflammation in your intestines. Not only that, since your primary method of elimination  has been hindered, the toxins will be discharged through other pathways of your body like your urine, breath, skin, and sweat.


There are many different solutions that can  end   your constipation. These methods should work for most people, unless you have a more serious case, then you should consult your doctor(well you should always talk to your doctor). Anyways, here are the methods used to treat constipation.
  • Fiber( 25-30mg): There are two different types of fiber, Soluble fiber and Insoluble fiber.  Both of these fibers help with constipation because soluble fiber absorbs the water that is in the intestines, thus making the stools larger and easier to pass through the intestines. While insoluble fiber adds bulk to your stools which results in a faster  transit time  through your colon. Fiber can be found in many fruits, vegetables, and grains. Some people have trouble digesting certain grains or vegetables because of  food intolerances , if you have  similar problems then maybe you should try synthetic fibers(example: fiber capsules, fiber tablets, fiber gummies).
  • Magnesium(250-500mg): Taking magnesium is essential for anyone who's suffering from constipation because magnesium has the ability to make  a smoother   pathway for the bowels  to go through the intestines and it also  attracts water into the intestines which makes the stools much softer and easier to pass for a movement.
  • Drink  8-10 glasses of water ( 2 liters): It's sort of common sense that if your stools are hard, sticky, and dry. Then, you might be lacking the sufficient amount of water intake for your body to eliminate waste properly. Adding more fluids into your diet can make your stools much softer and smoother to pass through  your system.
  • Exercise: The most responsive type of exercise that can help with constipation is aerobic exercise( running, jogging, dancing, walking, etc.). Exercise can help end constipation because it  accelerates   your heart rate and simultaneously stimulates the contraction of intestinal muscles,  which in turn moves the stools out quicker.
  • Probiotics: Is said to aid  with digestion because of the beneficial bacteria  like lactobacillus acidophilus or bifidobacterium animalis. These types of bacteria strengthen the immune system and also alleviate any other stomach disorders including constipation. Researchers have found that the bacteria bifidobacterium animalis greatly reduced the transit time for people who suffered from constipation
  • Enemas: This is one of the last things I will ever try, but enemas are a good solution for those of you whose stools are constantly hard and dehydrated. Enemas can  soften and lubricate the impacted feces that have  been accumulating on your intestinal walls, which consequently, will manifest a larger and quicker bowel movement
  • Colon cleansing: Is such a broad topic. There are many different methods and products that are associated with colon cleansing like herbal medicine, dieting, fasting, etc.. The main components that these methods have in common is fiber and some type of laxative that loosens your stool.There are a lot of products online that say their product is the best way to cleanse your colon. But in reality, all you need is psyllium husk, magnesium, and a good amount of fiber rich foods in your diet to see the results of  an expensive colon cleansing product.
  • Colonic irrigation: This is considered another word for colon cleanse and it's definitely a more extreme method of an enema. But don't worry, colonic irrigation is a completely safe procedure. The reason it is more vehement is for the fact that gallons of liquid is being pumped into your colon, whereas an enema is only small amount of liquid.
  • Surgery: This is only my opinion so don't put your life decisions on my belief, however;   I feel that surgery should be a last option for most  people. Unless you tried every method that I mentioned above, and to avail your constipation still hasn't ended. At that time  I would recommend getting surgery, especially if you're suffering from anal fistulas or fissures.



Anonymous said...

Abdominal exercise three to five times a week. Initially a person really should start with exercises and repeat them so long as they're comfortable performing it. Using the increase within the fitness level the quantity of exercises could be increased along using the repetitions.

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Check out, it lists constipation as a cause for FBO and has a list of cures too.

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Very interesting! Abdominal exercising is the best way to keep fit!

Mom said...

This sounds like a medical problem called encopresis. Do a search to see if it sounds familiar.

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steven swain said...

it is obvious, stop using narcotics.
narcotics cause constipation and hence adds to your demise and if your wondering about the odor, go to your local t sewage plant, and imagine that obnoxious stinch a 100 times over.

Anonymous said...

Hello all
I would just like to ask people to be very careful about self diagnosing. I have just buried a very good friend who I thought had faecal body odour. It turned out he had end stage rectal cancer. Had I not been diagnosing him in my head from doing Google searches I would have put more intense pressure on him to see a doctor (he was phobic of seeing a Doctor) as in I would have put the frighteners on him. It is too late now. So please please seek a colonoscopy before self diagnosing that you have FBO

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